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Автомобильное ЗУ 011-001 2USB 3.4А (2.1/1.2А) + кабель microUSB, white

num. 9073
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The device is designed for charging various mobile gadgets of the vehicle's onboard power supply. The cable is included. Two USB connectors allow you to power two gadgets simultaneously. You can charge the iPhone, iPad and other devices with different connectors with another USB cables. The device has a triple protection against short circuit, overcurrent, and voltage. SoftTouch coating.
  • Compatibility: Цифровые устройства с разъемом microUSB, другие устройства с функцией заряда от USB, в т.ч. iPhone/iPad (при использовании необходимого кабеля)
  • Full name
    Автомобильное ЗУ 011-001 2USB 3.4А (2.1/1.2А) + кабель microUSB
  • Complectation
    Автомобильное ЗУ 2USB 3.4А (2.1/1.2А); дата-кабель microUSB,1,2 м
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