Welcome to the official site of Nobby, the producer of accessories for mobile devices.

Nobby brand line was created in 2005 before the first smartphones with touchscreen displays appeared on the market. 10 years ago accessories for mobile devices served mainly to protect the device from any kind of physical damage. Even then Nobby was distinguished among his concurrents for its combination of functionality and bright style. At the time Nobby was honored with some prestigious rewards:

A golden medal for nomination “Corporate style” from ADCR (Art Directors Club Russia) in 2005,
«The best accessories brand 2004/2005» according to the Russian Mobile magazine.

Nobby accessories undergo a thorough quality control before coming to the shops. Our brand line is permanently completed with new items, our designers are constantly working on the new models of covers, chargers, powerbanks, car holders, always taking into consideration requirements of our clients. Nobby accessories regularly updated and expanded can satisfy even the most demanding clients.