When you're buying a new smartphone you should consider its protection against unpleasant accident that may happen, especially if it comes to the screen, which gets bigger every year but still lacks solid protection against cracks, chips, and scratches.

To help to solve this problem Nobby present you new protective glasses and screens. Produced using only the top quality materials, their balanced thickness guarantees the protection of your screen, while maintaining its original look. Especially when it comes to the summer season when going to the beach - fine sand can damage even top flagman screens.

Nobby protective screens serve different functions:

- Protection - to prevent your screen from any physical damage it can take.

- Antiglare - inhibits tarnishing

- Suppresses tarnishing in bright light;

- Oleophobic coating - prevents your screen from getting fingerprints and greasy stains.

Protective screens and glasses Nobby Practic - your confidence in the safety of your smartphone screen.