This time we have the pleasure to present to you our new Nobby Practic chargers with LEDs of different colours.

These chargers look really fresh and stylish with their outer shell made of glossy plastic.

The devices provide swift charge of the user’s smartphones or tablet PCs with a guarantee of the charging current stated for the model.

Safety and durability of the devices are supported by high-tech molded connectors, 3 types of which are available at the moment: microUSB, s8pin (Lightning) and USB C.

On one of the sides of the charger you can find the LEDs indicating the charging. Every connector type can be distinguished by its own LED colour; the LED of MicroUSB shines red, s8pin is blue and USB C - green.

Car chargers have 3 levels of protection, namely overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit protection. Wall chargers provide 4 levels of protection, including overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit and impulse noise protection.

All Nobby chargers have not only a pretty design, but also a high quality of production, and flawlessly perform their functions.