We’d like to bring to your attention new stylish Nobby powerbanks with bright and deep colors of the casing and creative decals in the set. The capacity of powerbanks varies from 6000 to 8000 mAh, which is enough to charge two smartphones or a tablet PC fast and efficiently.

Two USB jacks of the powerbank allow plugging and charging two mobile devices simultaneously, which spares your time on keeping your gadgets operational. The powerbank also supports passthrough charging, so you can charge the powerbank and power your devices at the same time.

Our new powerbanks have a smart battery indication – the LEDs start shining only after the powerbank being shaken.

The powerbank combines such features as appealing design, great capacity and minimum size allowing the powerbank to be easily put into a pocket or a tiny bag. Its user can charge the needed devices – smartphones, tablet PCs or e-books - any time on the go.

Apart from the powerbank itself, the set includes another cunning perk, namely 6 sets of decals which can be easily transferred to the powerbank’s casing and create its unique individual design. All picture decals are different representing various styles, so that even the most hard-to-please users could choose the picture they’d like.