Car & wall chargers

We are pleased to present our new Nobby chargers and data cables, all with high functionality and unique design. Our novelties combine all advantages of premium class devices with the prices affordable for the general public.

Our chargers of Nobby Comfort series are convenient in use and have the benefit of a special Soft Touch outer cover. High voltage index of the devices, well within stated in specification, provides fast charge of your gadgets. Maximal amperage of the devices varies from 1.2A to 3.4A, which gives a large choice to our clients. As well, all details of our chargers are highly durable because of the ultrasonic welding technology used during their production. Also, Nobby Comfort line includes chargers with two USB-ports, capable of charging two gadgets simultaneously.

Our chargers of Nobby Practic series have built-in s8pin cables to charge Apple devices. Moulded connectors are very reliable, as their pins are firmly soldered into the plastic frame. Our car chargers have a tripple short-circuit, overcurrent and overvoltage protection. As well, wall chargers can boast 4 levels of protection, namely short-circuit, impulse noise, overcurrent and overvoltage protection.

All our devices are produced in accordance with European CE and EAC standards.

Data cables

Nobby data cables help you charge very fast every mobile device because of increased load current of the cables. Flexible and wearproof isolation material provides their long service life. Users can bend and fold cables with no fear of them being damaged.

Our new USB-microUSB 100cm cable has a durable textile braiding. Metal moulded connectors are produced using “In-Mould Injection” technology, which allows pulling the cable out without risk of pins breakage.

There is one more brand-new product in our collection – double sided USB-8pin cable intended to sync and charge Apple devices. Its USB connector can be plugged in by any side of it. Another great bonus of this product is its flat wire which keeps the cable from getting tangled.