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Внешний АКБ, 5000мАч, USB+8-pin, 2A, Li-pol, Metallic 032-001, Nobby, gold

num. 0306NB-032-001

The advantage of the power charger Nobby Metallic is in its ultra-thin and compact case, the thickness of which is only 8 mm, and weight - 95 grams. The Nobby Metallic battery has two input ports for charging the device itself, for both micro USB and Lightning cables, so you do not have to carry extra cables. The stylish durable metal case provides proper protection of the device, while the power bank itself remains light and compact due to the use of a lithium-polymer type of battery. The pass-through charging feature allows you to simultaneously charge both the power bank itself and your gadget connected to it. The full charge time is only 3 hours. Comes with a micro-USB cable.
  • Material: Metal
  • Compatibility: Digital devices with USB port iPhone/iPad (an appropriate data cable is needed)
  • Full name
    Внешний АКБ, 5000мАч, USB+8-pin, 2A, Li-pol, Metallic 032-001, Nobby
  • Complectation
    Powerbank, User's manual, microUSB cable
  • Series
  • Color