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Adapter 001-001 Lightning - 3.5 mm jack, white

num. 0212NB-001-001
The adapter can connect Apple devices to various sound reproducing accessories, such as headphones and speakers, which have a 3.5 mm jack. Being made of high quality materials, the adapter provides signal transmission without noise or loss. The adapter fixes the cable firmly and barely influences the length of the construction in whole because of its small size.
  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPad и iPod
  • Complectation
    Adapter 001-001 Lightning - 3.5 mm jack
  • Series
  • Color
  • Тип (кабель, разветвитель, разъем, удлинитель)
  • Разъемы кабеля
    mini jack 3.5 mm (M) -s8pin (lightning) для Apple
    • Длина кабеля, м