Brand Nobby launches new portable batteries Nobby Expert c technology quick charge Quick Charge 3.0. The battery capacity is 10 000 mAh. This volume is enough for 3-5 full charge smartphone.

Thanks to the proprietary Quick Charge 3.0 technology of the American mobile leader Qualcomm, the devices are charged faster by 2 times faster than from a conventional power source. Certified Qualcomm microcontroller allows you to safely manage the power of your device.

Two USB connectors allow you to connect and charge two mobile devices at the same time, which saves time to maintain the performance of mobile gadgets. And the support of the "through-charge" function will provide simultaneous charging of the battery and the device connected to it.

The battery has a reliable metal case with a light indication. In this case, the battery is easily placed in the pocket of outer clothing or a small bag. With it, the owner can always recharge the battery of a mobile device - smartphone, tablet or e-book.