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Power bank 15600 mAh, Comfort 019-001, gray

num. 0306NB-019-001

Power bank Nobby Comfort shows a perfect balance of simple clean and classic design for its stylish users. The accumulator battery provides an opportunity to charge your smartphone, tablet PC, mobile phone, MP3 player or any other USB mobile device at any time if you have no access to electricity mains. LED indicators will show when the power bank needs charging. Safety and reliability of the power bank are guaranteed by 6 protection levels: built-in overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, overcharge, overdischarge and overheating protection. Accumulator battery of this capacity is indispensable during long journeys as well as for those people who actively use gadgets with high energy consumption.
  • Compatibility: Digital devices with USB port iPhone/iPad (an appropriate data cable is needed)
  • Full name
    Power bank 15600 mAh, Comfort 019-001
  • Complectation
    Power bank, user Manual, microUSB cable
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